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Counseling FAQ's

What do I have to do?

Make an appointment, show up, talk to me.  Tell me your stories, and together we will make sense of it. 

How does it work?

Honestly?  No one really knows.  It's a mystery, and change happens between telling your story and me reflecting back to you what I hear and how things could be different.  Sometimes it's just knowing that you aren't alone.  Sometimes I can see patterns in your behavior that you can't see.  And sometimes, the magic happens when you say the words out loud, and hear them, for real, for the first time.  

What is it like?

Kind of scary, to start.  There is a huge feeling of relief when you admit that you need someone to talk to, that you don't have it under control and that you need help.  Making the first appointment is scary.  But it gets easier, and then things start to change. 

What is each session like?

We will meet virtually, on Zoom.  Sessions are 45 minutes long, and cost $85.00.  The first session is $50.00 so you can give it a shot without breaking the bank.

How long will it take to feel better?

Longer than you'd like, usually.  But it is faster to deal with it, even if it is slow, then to ignore it and pretend everything is fine.

What are you like?

Kinda quirky, lots of tattoos and crazy hair.  I'm nice, firm, empathetic, kind and understanding...but not afraid to point out where you might be standing in your own way.  Also, I swear a bit.

What if I hate you?

You might.  I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  But don't let that turn you off from therapy.  If I'm not the one, you will not hurt my feelings.  Find the one for you.  You deserve the right therapist.  If it's me, great.  If it isn't me, keep looking.

What if you think I'm nuts? 

After years of doing this work, I'm not easy to shock.  I'm not afraid of your dark side.  If you're in really bad shape, and need more help than I can ethically or safely provide, I'll tap out and help you find the right person.  

Are you, like, faith based?

Nope.  But I respect that faith plays an important role in how people see the world.  I accept all faiths, and am an advocate of seeing things from your perspective, not mine.

What do you need from me?

I need your full attention.  Set aside the time, find a quiet place that feels safe, use headphones for privacy if necessary.  I will end a session if you join in from Target, or have the TV on in the background, because counseling isn't like meeting a friend for coffee.  I take it seriously, and create a safe environment.  It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be focused.  

Why only virtual?  Can't I just come in?

Virtual counseling provides an opportunity to meet you where you are, without a commute or waiting room.  It removes a lot of hurdles to getting started.  Virtual counseling offers a flexibility that offsets the benefits of coming in to a brick and mortar office.

Why is it so expensive?

Mental health care should be free.  Insurance sucks.  $85.00 is a lot of money for something with no guarantees or time limits.  I recognize that it is difficult to trust in something with uncertain outcomes.  I will not waste your time.  And, we pay for the things we value, and tend to take things seriously if it costs us money.  

What about insurance?

I'm working on it, but I don't currently take insurance.  I do take PayPal, Venmo and credit cards.

Why would you charge for cancellations? It's not like you had to drive to an office.

I build my schedule to be available for you.  I value your time, and mine.  I get it, shit happens and we may have to reschedule....but you make a commitment to your mental health and I commit to being there for you.  Habitual cancellations are not ok.  

Can you write a prescription?

Nope.  But I can talk to your psychiatrist if you want.  Medication is an important component of mental health for a lot of people, and I respect your choice to take it or not.  I will help any way I can.  

You Can Do This.  

You Are Stronger Than You Think.

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