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Depression tries to convince you that you are alone, hopeless, and stuck.  I know that none of that is true.  Together, we work on changing the bad language that depression uses and find better words, and build more accurate and realistic stories for ourselves.


Yesterday's trauma can turn into today's challenge.  Trauma survivors often lean on coping strategies that helped them get through difficult events, but don't work well after the danger has subsided.  Learning new ways to deal with stress and traumatic events can relieve the pressure caused by ineffective coping mechanisms.


Anxiety is the result of an overdeveloped safety switch that makes every day feel like an unsolvable emergency.  It is that voice that whispers or screams that you're not enough, that everything is breaking, and that failure is inevitable.  Let's work together to learn how to turn the volume down on the shrieking siren of anxiety.


 Addiction separates people from each other, from their goals, and from their own internal resources.  It is ubiquitous in our society, and the cause of endless suffering for everyone involved.  It is also treatable, and wounds can be healed.


What happens when your cute little cherub becomes a sarcastic teenager?  Or when your toddler stops being polite and starts getting especially toddler-y?  Sometimes the parenting books don't do the subject justice, and you need to talk it through with someone.


I meet with people for individual counseling to work on whatever issues they are dealing with in the current, day to day life.   We also usually explore issues related to trauma or relationships.


Being a person is hard.  Being a person in a relationship with another person can be really hard. The fairy tales so prevalent in society convince us that "happily ever after" is a thing, and learning how to deal with the reality of it all can be tough.  I can help. 


Sometimes, working on a relationship is easier if both people come to counseling.  I don't choose sides, but I can act as a translator if people aren't hearing each other, or as a sounding board for techniques that may need to be tweaked.

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